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The Candidate of Engineering Sciences, associate professor


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The Correspondence and Intensive Training faculty has a rich history. The first enrolment of students took place in 1957 when the training and counseling center of All-Union correspondence construction-engineering institute was organized. Qualified professionals were always demanded: in construction, power, on transport.

The correspondence education demands special approach to students from all staff of the university. First of all, it is individual communication with everyone; maintaining educational documentation, control over the implementation of the diagram of educational process. All this important and laborious work is performed by education and methodology specialists.

The educational process of distant studies is provided by all departments of the university. The number of highly skilled teachers makes up more than 300 people. For training of correspondence students the university has modern technical base: computers, office equipment, and video equipment. The majority of the specialized departments have libraries of the applied and specially developed programs (including electronic textbooks) which are widely used in educational process.

For correspondence students training is organized in two sessions: familiarization and examination (approximately for 20 days everyone on the two first courses and on 25 on the subsequent).  Directly in advance the invitation letter granting the right to the additional vacation connected with training in a higher educational institution which has the state accreditation is sent to the correspondence student on the home address. During the familiarization session the faculty provides a necessary course of lectures, gives the trainees laboratory and practical classes, homework and examination tasks. Between the sessions the trainees continue studying independently, using educational and methodical literature, electronic textbooks etc. At examinations correspondence students present the control and term works to the teacher, take tests and examinations.

Nowadays distant technologies in training are implemented at the faculty in all directions. The features of the training are: the familiarization session is held in the mode of remote access with the use of Internet resources. At the examination session students perform laboratory works, take tests and examinations. The educational portal of Ilogos-BrSU contains over 1000 electronic courses on different disciplines providing trainees with an access to the educational programs regardless the location of trainees.

More than 65% of students being trained in the correspondence form actively use distant educational technologies in educational process that gives the chance to create an individual educational pattern for each of them.

The faculty gives an opportunity to receive the higher and second higher education to the specialists having secondary professional or higher education.

After the graduation from the university the state diploma is issued. The term of training in the correspondence form is 5 years – a bachelor degree; 6 years – a specialist program; the intensive training in the correspondence form – 3,5 years.

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