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Видищева Е.А.


The Candidate of Engineering Sciences, associate professor


Building No. 3, auditorium 3115, ph. (3953) 33-84-83

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The faculty has been carrying out masters training since 2000. In the structure of the modern Russian higher education the degree of the master follows the scientific degree of the bachelor and precedes the candidate's degree. It is not scientific, but academic as reflects, first of all, the educational level of the graduate of the higher school and demonstrates the skills peculiar to the beginning scientist. At the faculty the training of masters is conducted in the following courses:

  • Construction;
  • Technological Machines and Equipment;
  • Heat-and-Power Engineering and Heat Engineering;
  • Power Industry and Electrical Equipment;
  • Management;
  • Forest Science;
  • Land Transport and Technology Complexes;
  • Ecology and Environmental Management;
  • Design and Engineering Support of Machine-Building Productions;
  • Management in Technical Systems; - Technology of Logging and Wood Processing Productions;
  • Pedagogical Education.

The target function of the faculty is the training of the scientific, research and educational personnel and specialists for science-intensive industries of the national economy. The training period is two years. In the training process masters get known with the latest developments of the domestic and foreign science, equipment and technology, methodology of scientific creativity; study modern information technologies, methods of receiving, processing and storage of scientific information. They get fundamental and professional knowledge, and also knowledge of the basic social processes in society, tendencies of development of social structure, objective economic laws and patterns.

The course of master program is provided only by highly skilled teachers with academic degrees. The teachers of the faculty together with undergraduates have developed the information and test training automated complexes, electronic textbooks, and databases; patents for inventions and copyright certificates on registration of the computer programs have been taken out.

The use of information technologies, ability to work in a national economic network, to use the European and international banks of data allows to bring the training closer to the conditions of production and regional requirements. Masters of Bratsk State University have repeatedly become the winners of the annual competitions of master theses held among the leading higher education institutions of the country. .The educational part of the master program includes: lecture, practical (laboratory), seminar and independent training in general scientific and professional disciplines. The program provides studying of philosophical and historical aspects of specific knowledge areas, and also learning of foreign languages, philosophy, information sciences and certification for these objects in the form of final exams and tests.

Research work of the undergraduate is defined by its individual plan and includes: research work on a subject of the master thesis, research and scientific and pedagogical practical works, writing of final qualification work (master thesis).

The undergraduate masters perform the scientific part of the program under the leadership of the research supervisor who is assigned from among the most experienced professors and associate professors of the university.

Since June, 2005 the graduates of the faculty along with the diploma of the master have an opportunity to receive the European supplement in English. The availability of the European supplement is one of the conditions of the entry of Russia in the Bologna Process meaning no other than implementation of the single educational system in the countries of the European commonwealth. Having such a document, the graduate can get a job in any sphere of the world work market, and to continue the training, in Russia, as well as abroad.

Among the teachers of the faculty there are the leading scientists of the higher educational institution - Yanyushkin A.S., Runova E.M., Rykov S.P., Lublinskiy V.A., Cherutova M. I., Zinovyev A.A., Efremov I.M., Kobzov D.Y., Fedyaev A.A., Ivanov V.A., Elsukov V. K., Denisov S.V., Peretolchina L.V., Ignatyev I.V., Lukovnikova E.I., Byrdin P.V., Boyarchuk N. Y., Belykh S. A., Strumelyak A.V., etc.

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