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The Natural Science Faculty (NSF) was founded in 1992 for the organization of the educational process of such disciplines as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Information Science, Ecology, Health and Safety. Since 1994 three specialized departments have been created as a part of the faculty: "Information Science and Applied Mathematics", "Ecology, Health and Safety and Chemistry", "Mathematics" which carry out the training in the following course: "Information Systems and Technologies", "Ecology and Environmental Management", "Applied Mathematics and Information Science".

The faculty provides training of the specialists in the field of Ecology and Environmental Management, Information Systems and Computer Technologies, and also specialists in creation and maintenance of software products. The graduates of the faculty are in great demand in the labor market.

In educational process both traditional and innovation technologies and training methods are organically combined. The training is provided in the modern multimedia lecture audiences, and also in the specialized computer laboratories with the latest equipment for parallel programming.

Among the trainees of the faculty there are a lot of winners of nominal grants of the mayor of Bratsk, the governor of Irkutsk region, the Government of the Russian Federation.

In addition to the educational and scientific activity the students of NSF successfully take part in the city, regional, All-Russian and international contests on Ecology, Information Science, Mathematics, Physics,  the contests on  software development, the innovation projects and other events held by the research organizations of the Russian Federation.

At the faculty active social work is conducted, there is an electoral student's organization "Public Dean's Office" engaged in the improvement of conditions of study and rest and a social status of the NSF students.

Since its creation ENF has trained more than 2000 specialists, many of which hold executive positions at the organizations of Bratsk and other cities of Irkutsk region, as well as Moscow, Novosibirsk.

The faculty takes active part in the problem solution of the city and the region in respect of implementation of creative and intellectual potential of school students. At the base of NSF the public ecological organization "Initiative" has been created. The ecological creative Olympic Games for school students "Factory of Projects", "Regional Contest of School Media Projects", "Spring school of IT Technologies" are annually held.

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