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Гаспарян Г.Д.


The Doctor of Engineering Sciences, associate professor


Building No. 3, auditorium 3317, ph. (3953) 32-55-44

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The creation time of the Timber Industry Faculty matched the rapid development of the logging and woodworking industry in the territory of Irkutsk region therefore a main goal of the faculty was the training of the qualified personnel capable to execute all production processes connected with the forest industry.

There are two specialized departments at the faculty: Department of Reproduction and Processing of Forest Resources (the head of department, doctor of engineering, professor Ivanov Victor Aleksandrovich) and Department of Forestry Machinery and Equipment (the head of department  candidate of engineering science,. associate professor Byrdin Pavel Valeryevich). •

The advanced innovation methods are used in the educational process at the Timber Industry Department. Training is provided at the modern, equipped with all necessary facilities and mechanisms laboratories, audiences, and specialized classes.

The integral part of activity of the faculty is scientific researches in which students are actively involved. Annually at the faculty the student's scientific collected articles «Young Thought — to Development of a Forest Complex" are issued, scientific and technical conferences are held where students report on the results of the scientific works that have practical value for the forest industry.

Upon the termination of training the graduates of the Timber Industry faculty have an opportunity to continue the training in the master programs "Technology Processes, Machines and Equipment of Timber Complex", "Technology Processes, Machines and Equipment of Forestry", "Forest Business", "Technology of Woodworking" and "Technology and Equipment of Timber Industry Productions", and further in postgraduate study on scientific specialties: 06.03.02 – Forest Science, Forestry, Forest management and Forest Valuation; 05.21.01 –Technology and Logging and Forestry Machinery; 03.02.08 – Ecology.

The pride of the faculty is its graduates; many of them hold the leading positions at the enterprises of the forest industry, responsible posts in authorities. Having successfully finished postgraduate study, some of them became teachers. More than 3500 graduates of the Timber Industry Faculty work for the enterprises of the timber complex of the country.

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