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Зиновьев А.А.


The Candidate of Engineering Sciences, associate professor


Building No 3, auditorium.3122, ph. (3953) 32-53-94

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The Construction Engineering Faculty is one of the oldest at the University. It was founded in 1974. Originally it was called the Construction Faculty, the talented scientists stood at the origins of its creation: the legendary engineer hydro technician, the professor, the winner of the Lenin award I.P. Denisov; the candidates of science, the associate professors V.F., Petryanin. V.A. Kamaev, Sh. H. Daminov. The essential contribution to its formation was made by the doctor of engineering, the professor Y.P. Karnaukhov and the candidates of science, the associate professors V. I. Kudishin, M.P. Glebov – the great people, bearing a high intellectual and moral charge.

Nowadays about 400 students are being trained at the faculty. It has the developed material and technical facilities. Three display classes, seven specialized laboratories, the block for building constructions testing are provided with the modern equipment.

At the faculty the specialists in the field of construction are trained at two specialized departments: Building Constructions and Technologies of Construction, Construction Materials Science and Technologies. The graduates of the faculty meet the modern requirements of the construction industry: know ADP equipment, are able to work with the latest software products from AutoCAD to specialized packets of space calculation of buildings and constructions.

Scientific interests of teachers and students of the faculty are diversified. At the faculty the test center "Bratskstroyekspert" monitoring the quality of construction materials, products and structures has been created and accredited. The relevance of scientific subject, the availability of admissions to works on design of buildings and constructions and quality control in construction allow the faculty to participate in solving important problems of the city and the region in the field of construction.

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